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My name is Danielle and I attend Berkley Normal Middle School as a year eight. This blog is all about my learning in school and out of school. There are six people in my family my Mum, Dad, Myself, Amy, Hannah and Patrick. My family lives on a dairy farm where my Mum and Dad work. My hobbies are Irish dancing and swimming. My favourite is Irish dancing so I get to do competitions in Auckland and this year I'm aiming to go to the nationals. My favourite subject at school would be maths because there is always are right or a wrong answer; unlike english when you have to keep improving and keep improving . My favourite tech art is food because I really enjoy cooking and I would love to be on junior master chef. Every year my family go camping with about six other families. We take tents and our boats and go ski biscuiting and fishing and one time we went to Cape Reinga. My favourite year camping was when we visited and snorkeled at the Poor nights New Zealands' best snorkeling attraction. My family love fishing and we belong to a fishing club so we do competitions sometimes. We have been to Fiji and England and they are both great places to visit we went tobogganing and built snowmen in England and we went snorkeling and swam with Manta rays in Fiji. I hope you like my blog and please comment on some of my posts.

Tuesday 5 May 2015

Student Blogging Challenge - Week 8 - Let's Travel

The countries I will visit:

South Africa - Africa
Bouvet Island - Antarctica
Fiji - Oceania
Canada - North America
United Kingdom - Europe
Japan - Eurasia
Argentina - South America

I'm now 18 and I'm going to go travel. Over the this week I will post blog posts planning my trip, what it's like their and at the end sharing my experiences.

This first post is all about planning. I will plan for three countries these will be:

United Kingdom


Japan - Because I'm not staying longer than 90 days and I have a New Zealand passport I do not need a visa to enter the country how ever if i am working I would need that. The table that I used to find out this information is really easy to follow. Information found here

Canada - Because I will also not work in Canada I do not need a visa to enter Canada with my New Zealand Passport.

United Kingdom - The UK visa conditions are that if you are staying linger than 6 months then you will need one but because I am not I will not need one.

What will I need to pack:

Canada - Because the weather conditions in Canada are warm and cold at the moment I will need some warm clothes for example coat, thermals, jumpers as well as the basics (shorts and tee-shirt). This is the weather in Canada.

United Kingdom - The weather conditions in England - UK is mostly sunny with a slight drizzle so I will pack some warm clothes as I stated in the canada one as well as the basics. This is the weather in the UK.

Japan - Because the weather conditions in Japan is a nice warm temperature. I will want tee-shirt, shorts maybe a jumper and a rain coat in case it rains. This is the weather in Japan.

Where I will stay:

Japan - I will book a hotel using this website.

UK - I will stay with my grandparents and other friends in England.

Canada - I will book a hotel using this website.

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  1. Hi Danielle
    I really like your planning
    what country will you visit first?
    when do you go?
    can't wait to hear about it when you come back