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Tuesday 12 May 2015

Defenseless Ducks SBC - Week 9

It's duck shooting season in New Zealand at the moment, and in class we are having a bit of a debate about whether ducks are defenceless or not. There are two sides to the story. One thinks that they aren't they think that the ducks can fly away and they choose to come in range of the gun. The other side thinks that they are hopelessly defenceless.

I think they are tricked into flying into the range of the gun. When the hunter, duck calls the duck is tricked into coming into the  sound of the call becoming in range of the gun.

Some facts about Duck shooting.

  •  Maori Hunted ducks for their meat and feathers; mainly in the late summer when the birds were fat.

  • European settlers introduced more than 20 species of game birds to NZ; not all survived though. Mallard ducks and Canada geese established and laws were passed to set a season for duck shooting.

  • Lots of wetlands ( The ducks main habitat ) were drained so that the land could be used for farming. Luckily the two species mallards and paradise shelducks did well on open farmland and today some organisations are working to restore wetlands.

  • Ducks and geese have good eyesight so hunters will hide in a maimai sometimes and will also wear camouflage clothing. They use decoy ducks which are fake birds made from wood cork or plastic. They also blow on instruments to mimic the birds call to make them think it's safe to land. These things are all done to attract and trick the birds.

  • On the opening day of each season ( the first Saturday in May ) Most hunters take part so tis is when most of the birds are shot. Hunters head out to their own shooting spots in the dark and then at dawn the shooting begins.

  • After a day's hunting the hunter will oil his gun put away gear and pluck and dress the birds. Ducks are often roasted and eaten with gravy.

Info from :  http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/duck-shooting

 Taken by Dr. F Eugene Hester. Picture supplied by Fish and Wildlife Service Website. http://www.fws.gov/hunting/ The gun fired by the man standing is a Browning Auto-5 or possibly a model based off of it.

So are Ducks Defenceless?



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