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My name is Danielle and I attend Berkley Normal Middle School as a year eight. This blog is all about my learning in school and out of school. There are six people in my family my Mum, Dad, Myself, Amy, Hannah and Patrick. My family lives on a dairy farm where my Mum and Dad work. My hobbies are Irish dancing and swimming. My favourite is Irish dancing so I get to do competitions in Auckland and this year I'm aiming to go to the nationals. My favourite subject at school would be maths because there is always are right or a wrong answer; unlike english when you have to keep improving and keep improving . My favourite tech art is food because I really enjoy cooking and I would love to be on junior master chef. Every year my family go camping with about six other families. We take tents and our boats and go ski biscuiting and fishing and one time we went to Cape Reinga. My favourite year camping was when we visited and snorkeled at the Poor nights New Zealands' best snorkeling attraction. My family love fishing and we belong to a fishing club so we do competitions sometimes. We have been to Fiji and England and they are both great places to visit we went tobogganing and built snowmen in England and we went snorkeling and swam with Manta rays in Fiji. I hope you like my blog and please comment on some of my posts.

Sunday 1 March 2015

Adding and Subtracting Fractio Review

The game is good for practicing adding and subtracting fractions but you don't get given many questions so you have to do it twice or more times to get the hang of it. I think the target audience are kids with prior knowledge on adding and subtracting fractions but need some practice. If you want to know how to add and subtract fractions then watch the tutorial video below. I think that this game could be made better by making the board bigger with more questions and having the dice with only the numbers one two and three and having each number twice on the dice so you don't go as far as quickly therefore answering more questions. Why don't you try the game below and then comment in the box below what you think.
By Danielle

Click on me to play the game
Click on me for a tutorial


  1. I think this is a great way for people to extend their prior knowledge or to learn new things about adding and subtracting fractions!

  2. Brooke:
    Hi Danielle,
    I think your math game review is great, as you took it that one step further by adding a tutorial. I also agree that the game board should be a bit bigger, as it is very small and makes the game fast.
    I really like your quotes at the top of your blog as well.

  3. Hi Danielle
    I think the zoom game Image is a tape measure lost in space trying to find an astronaut builder