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My name is Danielle and I attend Berkley Normal Middle School as a year eight. This blog is all about my learning in school and out of school. There are six people in my family my Mum, Dad, Myself, Amy, Hannah and Patrick. My family lives on a dairy farm where my Mum and Dad work. My hobbies are Irish dancing and swimming. My favourite is Irish dancing so I get to do competitions in Auckland and this year I'm aiming to go to the nationals. My favourite subject at school would be maths because there is always are right or a wrong answer; unlike english when you have to keep improving and keep improving . My favourite tech art is food because I really enjoy cooking and I would love to be on junior master chef. Every year my family go camping with about six other families. We take tents and our boats and go ski biscuiting and fishing and one time we went to Cape Reinga. My favourite year camping was when we visited and snorkeled at the Poor nights New Zealands' best snorkeling attraction. My family love fishing and we belong to a fishing club so we do competitions sometimes. We have been to Fiji and England and they are both great places to visit we went tobogganing and built snowmen in England and we went snorkeling and swam with Manta rays in Fiji. I hope you like my blog and please comment on some of my posts.

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Blog Action Day 2015

Hi there,

I think that the issue of shark finning needs to be addressed.

What is shark finning?

Shark finning is the practice of removinf of shark fins after being caught. The 3% of the sharks body weight are the high valued shark fins and then the other 97% is the lower value of the body. Often the body of the shark still alive is thrown back into the ocean but without being able to swim or pass water through the gills dies a slow painful death of suffacation, bloodloss, or predatation from other species.

Why is it a problem?

It is a highly unstable fishery. Targeting any species, sex or size. There has even been testing to prove that the most protected shark species in the world the great whit has been shark finned.

What is being done?

There are many websites where you caan donate to or sing a petition against shark finning. But something that has recently been shown to me is Yao Ming former basketball star who has dropped sales in shark finning by up to 70%. Read this interesting article to find out more.

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